Specialising in Automation, Design, Development and Precision Engineering

We offer a highly skilled and adaptable service particularly suited to the specialised area of engineering associated with the supply of customised manufacturing machinery. With in-house experts in mechanical, electrical & control engineering, in addition to our own precision manufacturing and fitting facilities, we offer a complete solution to suit most machine and automation applications.

Another major part of our business is the sub-contract precision manufacturing service, and we are proud of our excellent reputation for quality and delivery. Not only are we competitive on price, but our customers have come to know that they can rely on us to keep getting it right and on time.


We are an approved supplier to the medical and food production industries and have a broad knowledge of the requirements and standards that must be met. We work closely with our customers to ensure conformity throughout the entire project process and to achieve our goals for complete customer satisfaction.

UAD Engineering Ltd.Engineering Solutions For Industry